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In the fairytale land of the Brothers Grimm, embedded in deep forests and fertile fields, a church was probably built a long time ago, which gave a small town the name "Nuwenkirchen", as old documents from earlier times say. In 1142, a "Reginhart de Nuwenkirchen" signed another document in which the Hersfeld abbot  Heinrich designated a piece of land on the Werra for the construction of a hospital for the poor. We have known with certainty about a church in our town since 1254, because the "Haina Document" also mentions a local clergyman from Neukirchen.


In the 14th century (according to a document from 1360) the village became a town. A protective wall was completed around 1396. The old market was enclosed in the ring of walls as the center. The Nikolaikirche has stood there since the 15th century. The city wall was broken through by three city gates (the Treysaer Tor, the Burgtor or Hersfelder Tor and the Mühlpforte). The through traffic may have moved via Kurhessenstraße and Obergasse or through Untergasse to Hersfelder Tor. Trade and change allowed the city to grow beyond its walls. This is how the suburb came into being in front of the Hersfelder Tor, and the “Im Franken” district in front of the Treysaer Tor. The city's four mills were also all outside the city walls, although the three fountains rose within the city limits.


The "Amt Neukirchen" was created in the first half of the 14th century by Count Johann. So that was at the time when Neukirchen was allowed to call itself a town. In addition to Neukirchen, this office also includes Asterode, Nausis, Rückershausen, Riebelsdorf, Salmshausen, Schönberg, Wincherode, Schrecksbach, Immichenhain, Hattendorf, Ottrau, Ropperhausen, Berfa, Görzhain and 33 resettled localities. Neukirchen had become a town of craftsmen, whose guilds gained importance far beyond its borders. But the city was not spared from turbulent events. In 1533, one of the most devastating fires the city had ever seen raged. On a Friday evening, "a fire broke out in Becker Henn's barn and burned up to the bathroom stub on the wall" - as has been handed down. But that's not all. The Thirty Years' War brought fire and misery to Neukirchen. Billeting, fire and looting deepened the misery of the citizenry. And in the years 1758, 1760 and 1761, new troops (the Fischer Corps, the Hanoverians, the Prussians and the English) kept marching through Neukirchen – also leaving their mark.

When it was taken over by the Landgraves of Hesse, Neukirchen lost its central position. After the Second World War - due to the influx of expellees and refugees and the subsequent industrial boom - the city developed and developed again. To this day there is brisk building activity, and the tourist infrastructure is constantly being improved. And through the local government reform in 1971, the surrounding villages were incorporated. The long history of the city of Neukirchen is preserved, it is made visible, tangible and comprehensible through tourist highlights such as: local history museum, fairytale house, tower, tower of the Nikolaikirche with the tower room.


Tourism & Leisure


The Kneipp spa in Neukirchen is located in the middle of the famous, ethnologically interesting traditional costume island of the "Schwalm" on the southern slope of the Knüllgebirge, surrounded by extensive deciduous and coniferous forests. First documented mention in 1142. Away from noise and haste, the guest will find relaxation, peace and quiet here.


Neukirchen's surroundings offer visitors and guests colorful pictures at any time of the year.

You will find numerous lovingly restored half-timbered houses around the market square and in the adjacent pedestrian zone. Interesting specialist shops as well as cafés, pubs and restaurants invite you to go shopping and linger.

Neukirchen's traditionis not only carefully guarded like a treasure, but also lived: The Schwalm costume, which inspired the Brothers Grimm to write the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, is still worn today by older women in some parts of Neukirchen.

The 36 m high tower of the Nikolaikirche requires its guests to climb 132 steps in order to be able to enjoy a fantastic view over Neukirchen with its "typical" hinterland. The restored tower dwelling takes the viewer straight back into the past - a feeling that continues seamlessly on a stroll through the centuries in the local history museum with its originally furnished Schwalmer parlors and workshops of various old handicrafts and the lovingly presented old Latin school.

Dare and let yourself be married – the registry office in the tower room of the Nikolaikirche is a specialty of Neukirchen. High above the roofs of the city, bridal couples are closer to seventh heaven than ever before (

An unusually gentle magic surrounds the town when the storyteller is up in the tower room - high above the roofs of Neukirchen - or in the fairytale house from the 16th century. casts a spell over her young and old listeners with Grimm's fairy tales. She miraculously knows how to bring to life Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Puss in Boots, the Frog Prince, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Little Red Riding Hood and many other well-known and lesser-known fairy tale characters. Bridal couples also have the opportunity to say “yes” in this wonderful ambience.

Cultural Opportunitiessuch as concerts, church music, cabaret, lecture series and readings, but also traditional festivals such as the spring festival, the Babiller Whitsun fair and the fairytale Christmas market in the middle of the half-timbered city center attract many visitors every year in addition to a number of other offers.

Sports, fitness, hiking and cycling weekscan be booked as package deals, among other things. The new quality circular hiking trail "Nuff & Nopp" is particularly recommended here. Nordic walking routes and the developed terrain cure paths are ideal for sporting activities. Since 2008, the railway line has been converted into the Little Red Riding Hood Country cycle path, so that a quality seal for the cycle path has been created here. Safe cycling and inline skating fun is available here, especially for families. The outdoor and exercise pool (Badewelt Neukirchen) and the family-friendly sports facility complete the offer. Paddling pool and fitness studio are located in the park on the Grenff. The Kneipp spa garden can be found on Urbachstraße.

Numerous day trip destinations, from a tour of the bakehouse to a visit to an old mill or schnapps distillery to a visit to the nearby towns of Bad Hersfeld (festival town), Marburg, Kassel or Gießen leave no room for boredom for the guest. The employees of Pro Neukirchen eV are happy to put together individual leisure activities for individual guests or groups, from covered wagon rides to a performance by a Schwalm dance group with an explanation of Schwalm traditional costumes to a colorful evening with accordion or mandolin music. The accommodation service is also a free service of the association, which has taken over the tasks of the spa administration.

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